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Written By Duco Mansvelder (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 16th, 2021


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To: Steering Group DSO

From: Working Group IDP

Date: March 24, 2021

Subject: Joint broker advice


UWV discloses data for pension funds. Data becomes available

made via the portal of UWV Data Services. In addition, data

increasingly available via an application-to-application (A2A) facility


RINIS simplifies the connection to the A2A facility by acting as a broker

between pension funds and UWV. Pension fund Horeca and Catering

and UWV have successfully tested this form of data exchange in a

pilot in which data from the payroll tax return chain was exchanged. this note

substantiates a positive advice issued by the IDP working group on the use

of RINIS as a broker for UWV data deliveries.

In addition to wage declaration data, other data sets can also be exchanged

be, both with UWV (e.g. SUAG data) and with other participants of

RINIS. An overview of the participants of RINIS can be found on the website

of RINIS ( For the pension sector are

parties such as DUO, CAK and BZK/Logius may be relevant. This is not in the pilot

investigated further and the working group will therefore not issue an opinion on this.




In 2018, the IDP working group issued advice on the options

to receive automated data from the UWV. It has been researched

whether T&T could act as a broker. This turned out not to be a possible scenario.

Subsequently, it was investigated whether the RINIS


could fulfill this function. RINIS

has been providing digital messaging between various

government bodies. This turned out to be technically possible but relatively expensive, while the

possible savings at the pension provider are limited.

In 2019, the UWV again contacted the IDP working group because a

new connection via RINIS was made possible.


This link becomes A2A

called (Application-to-Application). This connection is simpler and can

be achieved at lower costs.

This has led to this renewed advice in which the IDP working group has given a positive

advises on the connection via RINIS.





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Pensioenfonds Horeca en Catering has conducted a pilot to determine

whether the link with RINIS is an improvement over the current

method. This was done by receiving the payroll tax return data via the

RINIS connection. In this pilot it was established that the exchange is functional

is correct and meets the safety requirements of Pensioenfonds Horeca en

catering. It has also been established that realizing a connection for a

pension provider is not complex.

The results of the pilot are attached in Appendix A.



business case


The connection examined in 2018 had two variants:

A connection as a customer of RINIS. This included one-off costs

of €22,500 and annual costs of €31,200.

A connection as a participant of RINIS. For this, the one-off

costs $50,000 and the annual cost is $90,600.

The new offer that applies to the A2A connection has the following

cost structure (excluding VAT):

One-time €4,800

€5,000 annually

The starting point for this offer is that in the long term at least three

connect pension providers. The first operator to connect does not pay

higher costs. This is further elaborated in Appendix B.

It is good to mention that these costs are per technical connection.

Several products can be used within a technical connection

declined. (e.g. SUAG and Wage Declaration)

Because at the time of writing the UWV can only join per fund

a technical connection must be made for each fund. The mentioned

costs are therefore still per pension fund. However, UWV is working on

data deliveries per pension provider (intermediary in UWV terminology)

to realise. This is expected to be completed in Q2 2021. From that moment on you can

an operator with one technical connection to RINIS data for all

exchange funds.

The internal costs that a pension provider has to incur for a connection

depend on various factors and are therefore not included. Pension fund

Horeca en Catering realized the connection within a few days. (See

Annex A).


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Financial benefits are limited. It is expected that approximately 0.2 FTE per

executor are saved (for a executor with 1 or some

pension funds).

The main reason for joining will therefore be due to qualitative benefits

are. Below, the manual and automatic methods are compared.


Current situation 

Working method with RINIS 


Manually at the risk of


The quality of the services provided by UWV

supplied data remains


Completely automated 

The quality of the services provided by UWV

supplied data remains



Files are saved during

office hours downloaded.

Data is often only

the next night or

weekend in the administration


Files can (if

desired) immediately after receipt

to be processed



Simple stable process with

manual actions. 

Process is automated

full automatic without

intervention of employees. 




Because the process is manual

contains actions there must be

coordination between

administrators are for the

performance in the absence.

The process is automated.

Therefore there is no

dependence on the

availability of a



UWV Portal on which

authorized administrators in

can log 

Secure File Transfer Protocol 


eRecognition with 2 factor


Possibility for

employees to the

files after download and

mutate before processing. 

Secure File Transfer Protocol with

Public/Private key authentication

and encryption.

It is possible for performers

to set up the STP process

where the employees

can't file



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Connection process

RINIS acts as processor of the data exchange, but the

contracting parties remain the UWV and the pension fund.

In the event of a connection, the UWV will make an adjustment to the Data Delivery

agreements (GLA) are made stating that from now on delivery

is provided via the transport channel A2A and RINIS. The content and definition

of the delivery remain unchanged.

With RINIS, a processing agreement is concluded in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR

drawn up. RINIS has a model agreement available for this. (Appendix C)

Furthermore, a DAP (Dossier

Agreements and procedures) drawn up. This includes, among other things, how to

act in the event of incidents and changes.

A connection instruction has been drawn up by RINIS for the technical connection.

(Appendix D)

If a pension provider wants to join, the lead time for the link is

about 3 months between UWV and RINIS. The connection between

the executor and RINIS can be realized in parallel.



Future perspective

The link with RINIS provides new possibilities in the future for

pension providers:

Message service

The UWV is working on new services that are realized via the A2A interface

could be. It is a subscription service for life events. Via this

service, an executor can receive a direct signal in the event of relevant changes in

the policy administration.

The following events have already been developed within the Subscription Service:

Creation of a new income relationship;

Termination of income relationship.

On the basis of these events, for example, start and stop letters can be sent

could be.

Information about other government parties

RINIS does not only provide UWV data but links several

government parties. These parties are participants of RINIS. An overview of the

current participants can be consulted on the RINIS website: and also attached in Appendix E.

For pension funds there is a link with DUO for receiving

consider school statements.


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Conclusion and advice

The quality of data transport improves, the quality of the

content of the data remains the same.

The process of the transport is fully automated but is

more complex, several parties are involved in bottlenecks.

Savings in personnel are very limited. On the other hand, the costs are

the link to realize low.


There is always the possibility to fall back on the portal of

UWV data services if the data is unexpectedly not via the A2A

coupling can be provided.

The IDP working group therefore advises positively on the UWV data delivery via


On behalf of the IDP working group:

Sandor Hofman – Pension Fund Horeca and Catering

Ad van Leest – APG